Listed below are our rules for the use of Kanawha facilities.  Please make sure the members of your family are familiar with these, especially if your children are old enough to be at Kanawha without parents.  During the pool season, we have a full time staff, but young children need to be supervised by parents and staff members at all times.  This is especially true in the pools.  Non-swimmers under the age of 8 must have a parent within an arm’s length when they are in the pool, including when they are in the shallow end of the lap pool.  NON-SWIMMERS MAY NOT BE IN THE LAP POOL AT ANY TIME, EVEN WITH AN ADULT. No child wearing a flotation device is allowed in the lap pool.  Young children should not go into the restrooms alone because the doors are difficult for the small children to open when they exit.  Please remind children of all ages to treat the facilities with respect, and please report accidents to a staff member immediately so that any necessary clean-up can be done quickly.  When the pools are closed, there is a small staff available most of the time, so children should always be supervised on the playground and tennis courts.  On a year-round basis, everyone is asked to promptly and properly dispose of their trash (recyclables in the blue containers, trash in the garbage cans) so as not to attract insects and animals.



1. Non-swimmers under the age of 8 must be accompanied by an adult in the water within arm’s reach in the L-pool. A non-swimmer is anyone that cannot swim the width of the pool without stopping.

2. Non-swimmers are not permitted in the lap pool or diving well. The shallow end of the L-pool is for small children and non-swimmers.  Please note that the shallow end of the new competition pool is deeper than the shallow end of the old competition pool.  Absolutely no non-swimmers will be allowed in that pool.

3. House guests living outside a 25-mile radius may have unlimited use of the facilities. Local residents may not be a guest more often than once per calendar week. The daily fee for use of all facilities including pools and tennis courts is $5.00 per guest.

4. Only members whose dues are paid in full and their guests may use the facilities. A family membership includes only those residing in the household.


6. The pools can be used only while lifeguards are on duty during scheduled hours. Lifeguards will supervise the pools and have authority to enforce all rules.

7. Unleashed dogs will be removed from Kanawha property without further notice. Protect your pet by keeping it at home.

8. Keys to the restrooms (for use after hours or in the off-season) will be available from the pool office at a cost of $5.00. Keys may not be duplicated or loaned to anyone.

9. The Association assumes no responsibility for the protection of valuables or personal property.

10. It is recommended that all swimmers shower before entering the pools, especially after engaging in vigorous exercise or after the application of suntan oils and lotions. Showers may be required at the direction of the Association Director or lifeguards.

11. Swimming aids other than standard wrap-around life jackets will not be permitted in the three large pools. Swimmies give a child a false sense of security and have created many near catastrophes at other pools. While they may be used in the instructional program, they will not be permitted during free swim. Fins and snorkels are also prohibited.  This includes the mermaid-type fins, which have the feet confined together.

12. Face masks are not permitted at any time. Water goggles may be used during lap swimming if they cover the eyes only.  Diving deep underwater is not permitted while wearing goggles. Wearing goggles when using the slide is permitted, but wearing goggles when using the diving board is NOT permitted, unless there is a medical need.  If you have medical needs, permission to wear goggles must be obtained from the lifeguard before using them.

13. Bathing caps are not required. Swimmers with shoulder length hair should have it pulled back and tied with rubber bands. Barrettes and hair pins of any type cannot be permitted.

14. Lifeguards may require a test at any time of any person entering deep water to show his/her ability to swim. If such test is not passed to the satisfaction of the lifeguard on duty, entry into deep water will be forbidden.

15. Only commercial type bathing suits may be worn-“Cut-offs” are not permitted.

16. There will be NO RUNNING, PUSHING, OR HORSEPLAY OF ANY KIND allowed in the pool or pool areas.

17. No smoking in the pools or the pool area.

18. No foreign objects (sticks, stones, etc.) will be permitted in the pool or pool areas.

19. Snacks, treats, and sweets which are dropped on the walks or grass area must be cleaned up. Trash should be thrown away immediately so as not to attract yellow jackets, which have become a problem.

20. Use of diving boards:

a. Only one person on a board at a time

b. Do not go off the side of the board

c. Do not hang off the board

d. Divers are limited to one bounce

e. Do not swim in front of or under the boards

21. No glass containers are permitted anywhere on the tennis courts or in the pool areas.

22. Toys are forbidden in the large pools.

23. In emergency situations the pools will be cleared. The signal for clearing the pool is three blasts from the lifeguard’s whistle.

24. Lifeguards or the Association Director have the authority to close the pools in the interest of safety when weather conditions are adverse to safe swimming.

25. Lifeguards have the authority to ban anyone whose physical condition is contrary to the best interest of the membership. Any member with special medical or physical needs or handicaps should make such needs known to the lifeguards or Association Director.

26. The pools should not be used in times of illness. Open cuts or sores should not be subject to pool water.

27. No one is to engage in conversation with a lifeguard while he or she is on duty or to congregate around the lifeguard stands. This infraction will automatically result in suspension for one day.

28. Parents are urged to instruct their children in personal hygiene and to encourage their use of the nice restrooms provided. Parents are also urged to instruct their children to use the water fountain to get water for play in the sandbox area of the playground.

29. No alcoholic beverages are permitted.

30. Use of the baby pool: This pool is for children “five (5) years of age or younger who are nonswimmers. Parents are asked to keep older children out of the baby pool. While lifeguards have authority over this pool, the safety of the children is up to the individual parents. Children using this pool must be accompanied at all times by their parents or other qualified member of the Association sixteen (16) years or older to whom the parents have delegated this responsibility. Babysitters who are not members of the family or of Kanawha cannot be permitted, unless the family has notified the managers that the person is the family’s nanny.

31. Only “swim diapers” are allowed in the pools. In the past, failure to observe this policy has caused pools to be shut down which created an inconvenience for the membership and staff.

32. Absolutely no diving is permitted in the L-shaped pool.

33. The starting blocks at the lap pool are for use during swim practices and meets only.




We have had problems with children skateboarding on the premises. Please remind your children that skateboards are not allowed on the property and that bicycles must remain in the stand located by the front gate. We have had several tables and benches destroyed in the picnic shelter area by skateboarders.


Remember that the exit from KRA to Ralston Road is one way and only for exiting the parking lot. The Holmes Avenue entrance will continue to handle two-way traffic. Please observe these rules as they are designed for the safety of children in the parking area and in the River Road Hills neighborhood. Please observe posted speed limits

Guest Policy 

During the pool season, all members must sign in at the front gate, even if you are just coming to swim or dive practice, and there is a $5.00 guest fee for all guests who either swim or play tennis.  A guest must be accompanied by a member, and the member must sign in the guest on the guest sheet.  If you bring a guest early in the day, please have correct change because we do not keep money on the property overnight, so we do not have change early in the day.  You may pay for guests with cash or a check.

There is no limit on the number of guests a member brings to Kanawha.  However, there is a limit on the number of times guests who live in the Richmond area may come to Kanawha.  Area residents may come ONE TIME PER WEEK.  This does not mean that a guest may come with one member on one day and with another member on the next day.  We count the number of visits by each local guest.  For example, if John Doe is a local resident who is not a member of Kanawha, he may not come with Member Joe on Tuesday and Member Jim on Wednesday of the same week.  If John Doe comes to KRA on a Tuesday, he may not come back to KRA until at least the following Sunday.  The reason for this rule is that there are people who live in the area who would use the Kanawha facilities on a frequent basis for the $5.00 guest fee.  If the same guest comes to KRA on 30 occasions, that would total $150.00, and if you multiply that by an average family of 4, that totals $600.00, but the annual dues is $725.00.  A guest who visits that frequently would be using the facilities as often as many members.

There is not limit on the number of visits by guests from out of town.