The deadline for paying 2019 dues was March 29. If you did not take care of this, please do so as soon as possible. Please download the DUES STATEMENT and mail that in. You may mail your check with your statement, pay by electronic check, or pay online (though there will be a service charge). The dues amounts remain the same this year: $725.00 for the family or $475.00 for senior dues (at least one of the adults in the house is 60 or older). If you are an honorary member, we ask you to return your Dues Statement and just write HONORARY on it. If you think you qualify for honorary member status, please contact Deborah Proffitt at

We welcome new members based on available membership openings.  Memberships are now available for 2019.  We encourage you to submit an application form at your earliest convenience.

Applying to Kanawha

Prospective members need to submit a completed application form (online form available as a PDF; see box at right), application fee of $52, and one letter of recommendation from current KRA members. Recommendation letters should be emailed by the member to with Letter of Recommendation in the subject line. We will review your application to confirm that you are within our geographical limits.  If you move between the time you submit your application and it becomes eligible for consideration, please provide your new address and telephone number so that we know where to reach you.  Also, your new residence will be subject to the geographical requirements.

Kanawha currently has openings for 2019! 

If you are offered membership, you can defer your acceptance one time.  The next time you are offered membership, you must accept or your name will be removed from our list, and you must reapply. 

Dues and Initiation

The Annual Dues for 2018 is $725 per member/immediate family and $475 for seniors/spouse (age 60 and older).   The current Initiation Fee is $2,000.

Dues for returning members will be due by March 15, 2018.  Please download the Dues Statement after January 1, 2018, and send that with your check to Kanawha, P.O. Box 29656, Henrico, VA  23242.  If you pay by electronic check, please return the form and note on it that an electronic check is coming.

August Membership

We also offer, based on availability,  August memberships to families who have applied by July 20.  Membership begins on August 1 and continues until the pool closes on Labor Day of that year. Dues vary by year and will be announced to prospective August members in late July, payable by August 1st. If you are offered a full membership, you may defer and accept August membership one time.

We look forward to considering your application, and welcoming you to Kanawha.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if we may be of assistance.

Membership Coordinator 

Deborah Proffitt,  email-


Kanawha Boundary Map

Kanawha Map 2018_3.png