The snack bar staff is going to start a new offering on Fridays, beginning July 26. They will grill hot dogs and sell them for $1.00. If there is a big enough crowd at lunch time, they will grill for an hour or so then, but since there is usually a bigger crowd on Friday evenings, they will definitely grill hot dogs at dinner time. They have not set a specific time, and they will do it based on the crowd, but they will probably be grilling from around 5:45 until 7:00, or shortly after. The weather forecast for this Friday is beautiful, the water in the pools has cooled off, swim team and dive team are over, and it’s cool enough to play some fun tennis, so if you’re in town, come relax by the pool or on the courts and get your grilled hot dogs.

For those of you who haven’t heard, KRA’s dive team was undefeated in dual meets this season, so they won the regular season. They placed 1st overall at champs, 1st in the novice and regular divisions at champs, and 2nd in the X division at champs. The swim team place 5th out of 20 teams at champs and finished in 5th place overall for the season. Congratulations to both teams on great seasons. Thank you to all the coaches and to our volunteer league reps: Kathy Gregory for diving and Laura Walton and Tracy Collier for swimming. Now we have 5 weeks left for full relaxation at KRA. Start it off with a relaxing hot dog dinner on Friday.