Damage to Basketball Court

Sometime between February 10 and February 16, one of the backboards on the basketball court in the field at Kanawha was shattered. A rock about the size of a fist was found near the base of the backboard, and there are some small holes in the backboard itself, which appear to be made by the rock. We do not know if someone threw the rock intentionally or if someone thought it would be okay to try to play basketball with a rock, instead of a basketball. The entire backboard was shattered and is being replaced, which is expensive. Until it is replaced, there is a sign telling people which basket they may use, because this is a safety hazard. We encourage people to use the facilities at Kanawha, and we are glad that there are facilities that can be used when the pools are closed. However, this kind of damage is very concerning. We already have a security system in the pool area, but we are considering getting security cameras for other areas of the property. If anyone has any information about how the backboard was damaged, please contact Martha Hodges.

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