The plan for lap swimming during the month of September in our new lap pool has been approved!  We will begin on Tuesday, September 4, and that pool will close on Sunday, September 30.  This swim-at-your-own-risk opportunity is for ADULTS ONLY (age 21 and over), because there will not be a lifeguard on duty.  The pool will be set up for lap swimming only—this is not for recreational swimming.  


The hours are as follows:

         Monday, Wednesday, Friday     5:30AM-noon and 4:PM-7:PM

        Tuesday, Thursday                    5:30AM-2:PM and 4:PM-7:PM

        Saturday, Sunday                      8:AM-3:PM


All swimmers must enter through the gate near the swim shed and basketball court in the field.  It is suggested that you park at the bottom of the parking lot and walk across the field, though there may be times when you will be able to use the gravel road and park at the end of the field near the gate you will use.


Each swimmer who participates in this program must:

        -sign a waiver and program rules agreement

        -pay a $50.00 fee (per person)

        -get a key


We must have a signed paper copy of the waiver, payment must be by check (to KRA) or in cash, and you must pick up the key in person.  Here are times when you can take care of this:

     Saturday, September 1, 10:AM-8:PM

     Monday, September 3, 10:AM-4:PM

     Tuesday, September 4, 9:AM-6:PM

If none of these times are convenient for you, please contact Martha Hodges.