We’ve hit the mid-point in the summer and that is usually the time where a few reminders are necessary for everyone’s continued safety at Kanawha.  Please read this note through to the end as everyone’s clear understanding of the rules (and please proactively share with your guests as well) makes everything easy on everyone - the membership, the lifeguards and the pool management.  Thank you in advance for your support and help! 

1.     Alcoholic beverages are not permitted anywhere at Kanawha when the pools      are open.

2.     Smoking is not permitted in the pool area or on the tennis courts.  If you choose to smoke, please go to the field, the parking lot, or the gravel road.  This includes the use of e-cigarettes or vaping.

3.     There has been a lot of discussion on the use of flotation devices with young children.  First of all, it is important that children do not use flotation devices so much that they develop a false sense of security.  Children need to learn to swim independently, and we do offer swim lessons at KRA.  The following flotation devices are allowed, but they may only be used in the L pool:  puddle jumpers, safety seals, and standard life jackets with a crotch strap.  Water wings are absolutely not allowed.  Other flotation devices which force a child to be in a vertical position are discouraged because children need to learn to swim in a horizontal position.  The shallow end of the lap pool is just over 4 feet deep.  Therefore, non-swimmers are never allowed in the lap pool, which means that children who are wearing flotation devices are never allowed in the lap pool.  Children who are wearing flotation devices in the L pool must have a parent in the pool with them, and the parent must be within an arm’s reach of the child.  Children who want to go off the diving board must be able to swim to the side using some sort of stroke without a flotation device.  They may not wear a flotation device in the dive well or when they go off the diving board.  A parent may be in the pool in front of where the child jumps off the board if the parent thinks the child might need a little reassurance going off the board or getting to the side.  However, if the child cannot get to the side independently, he or she is not ready to go off of the diving board.