The weather forecast for Sunday does mention thunderstorms, so all Firefish and their families need to make a NO-STORM dance a part of their morning warm up routine.  Due to the fact that this is exam week for the high schoolers and some middle schoolers in public school, the logistics of making up this meet get very complicated.  Therefore, the meet will take place, unless there is thunder and lightning.  That means that if there is rain without thunder and lightning, the meet will take place.  Also, if thunder and lightning occur before the meet is finished, we are required by JRAC to wait for an hour before we make any decisions.  You might want to bring rain coats, umbrellas, and extra towels.  As long as the weather cooperates, we are planning to start swimming warm-ups promptly at 2:15 for Kanawha and promptly at 2:30 for Ridge Top, and we plan to start the meet promptly at 3:00.  We are hoping that with our nice 8-lane pool, we can move the meet along quickly and finish it before the storms move in.  Please help us out by arriving promptly and helping your children get to the Clerk of the Course as soon as they are called.