1.  All pools will close at 2:PM on Sunday, June 10, for a home swim meet.  We apologize for the short hours on a Sunday, but the meet schedule is set by the James River Aquatic Club.  For safety reasons, all pools must close during swim meets.  Our other 2 home meets are on June 18 and July 2, both of which are on Mondays.  We will close at 5:PM those days.

2.  Please remember that since the last day for public schools is June 15, we will operate on reduced hours on weekdays through June 14.  The hours on Monday to Friday through June 14 are 11:AM-7:PM.  We will start the 10:AM-9:PM weekday schedule on Friday, June 15.  Regular weekend hours have already begun.  The Saturday hours are 10:AM-8:PM, and the Sunday hours are 11:AM-8:PM.

3.  If you search for Kanawha Pool on Google and just look at the information on the Google page, you do not get complete information on the pool hours.  That is not our web site, and it just gives brief information.  That lists our hours as they are when we are on a regular schedule, but that doesn't begin until June 15.  For a complete listing of the pool hours, you must go to the web site (www.krarva.org), click on FACILITIES, and then click on POOL HOURS.  There you will find a very detailed list of the pool hours.

4.  Please remember that the shallow end of the new competition pool is deeper than the shallow end of the old competition pool, and many of your children cannot stand in there.  Therefore, NO NON-SWIMMERS are allowed in the competition pool.  Non-swimmers must use the L pool.  Children using approved flotation devices may not be in the competition pool.  Children using flotation devices in the L pool must have a parent in the pool with them.

5.  Please be very diligent about throwing away trash as soon as you finish eating and drinking.  As a result of all the recent rain, the insect population has multiplied, and they are really attracted to all the food and trash that is left on tables, on the playground, and on the ground.  Also remember that the gray receptacles are for trash, and the blue receptacles are for recyclables (plastic bottles, aluminum cans, dry flattened cardboard).  Pizza boxes may not be recycled.