The 2018 directories have arrived.  Each family may pick up ONE directory from the gatekeeper.  Please check your family's listing for accuracy.  If there is an error, please send the correct information to  If you joined Kanawha after May 25, you will not be listed in this year's directory, but you may pick up one from the gatekeeper.  

Here are a couple of "housekeeping" reminders.  Please remember that the blue rolling bins are for RECYCLABLES ONLY.  All trash and garbage must go in the gray receptacles.  Recyclables include:  empty plastic bottles, empty aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, and dry, flattened cardboard.  The following items are NOT RECYCLABLE:  tennis balls, styrofoam cups, pizza boxes, candy wrappers, ice cream wrappers, plastic silverware, napkins, straw wrappers, styrofoam plates.  Also, please dispose of your trash and recyclables as soon as you finish eating and drinking.  Due to all the rain this summer, the insect population has increased greatly, and trash left on tables and on the deck attracts the insects.  

Another  housekeeping reminder - please dispose of used diapers in COVERED GARBAGE CANS.  The trash cans in the restrooms are open, and leaving dirty diapers in them creates an odor problem in the restroom.  There is a covered garbage can between the restroom doors, and there are covered garbage cans all around Kanawha.