Counting Down the Days

The tennis courts are busy much of the time, and the pools will be open in 32 days.  Please be checking your emails regularly, and also check the web site ( for frequent updates.  Here are a few important notes.

Spring Clean-Up Day is Saturday, April 28.  We will start working at 8:00 and hope to be finished by 3:00.  We've got chairs to clean, weeds to pull, a few small repairs to do, mulch to spread, tennis gazebos to clean, and other general sprucing up jobs to do.  We welcome all willing workings in grade 6 and older.  We need youth and adults, and we will gladly sign community service forms for middle and high schoolers.  There will also be food and drinks.  Come catch up with your KRA friends after the long winter and help us get ready for the summer.

With the increased activity at KRA, we are also noticing an increased level of trash left around.  Please use the trash cans and the recycle cans (the blue ones).  Tennis players, please note that used tennis balls should not be placed in the blue recycle cans.  Those recycle cans are for empty plastic bottles, empty aluminum cans, and dry flat cardboard boxes.  Glass bottles are also recyclable, but glass bottles should not be used at KRA.

Swim team practice begins on May 21.  Information about swim team is posted on the swim team web site (, and you will be receiving emails from the swim reps fairly often.  Please read those emails and check that web site regularly.

We thought this winter would never end, but summer really is coming.  It's going to be great one at KRA.  Don't miss the excitement!