Come join us and catch up with your Kanawha friends on Saturday, April 28.  In spite of Mother Nature's reluctance to give us much warm weather, the pools will be opening on May 26, and we would love to have some help with "spring cleaning".  We have a variety of chores on a variety of levels of difficulty, and all of them go faster with lots of help.  It's truly a case of, "Many hands make light work."   We need to clean all the chairs, set out the tables and chairs, clean up the tennis shelters, hang the lights in the pavilion, trim some bushes, pull weeds, spread some mulch, and replace some boards on a wall.  

We welcome help from anyone in 6th grade and older.  Middle and high schoolers may count their time in their service hours for school.  They may also bring non-member friends who need more service hours this school year!  We will sign forms for all of them.  Children in elementary school and younger are too young to help us, though, and for safety reasons, we ask that they not be there, unless they are there for a tennis activity.

We will start working at 8:AM, and we hope to be finished by 3:PM.  Come for whatever stretch of an hour or a few hours that you can.  If you can bring a wheelbarrow, pitch fork, or hard rake to use, that would be great.  Please mark them with your name, and remember to take them home.  

Food and drinks will be provided.  We hope to see lots of KRA members on Saturday.