Summer Really is Coming!

Even though it feels like we will be in the deep freeze forever, summer really is coming, and we will soon have some hot days when we will all enjoy relaxing by the pool.  It's time to start getting ready, so the Dues Statement has been updated, and we are ready to accept 2018 dues payments.  The annual fee remains the same:  $725.00 per family, unless one of the adults in the household has reached or will reach the age of 60 before September 3, which means you qualify for the senior dues of $475.00.  If you believe you have become eligible for honorary membership, please contact either Deborah Proffitt or Martha Hodges to verify that.

Please download the Dues Statement, fill it out, and mail the entire form (please don't cut it) to the mailing address:  Kanawha Recreation Association, P.O. Box 29656, Henrico, VA  23242.  If you are paying by electronic check, please mail the form and note on it that you are paying by electronic check.  ALL DUES PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY MARCH 15, 2018.  It is very hard to get things organized if we are still collecting payments right up until Opening Day.  Also, we can't print the directory until the membership list is finalized, and it takes a few weeks for the directories to be printed.  In order to have directories ready soon after the pools open, we need to have collected all dues payments by March 15.

We are also accepting applications from youth who want to work at Kanawha this summer as either a gatekeeper, a groundskeeper, or a lifeguard.  Those applications ARE DUE FEBRUARY 1.  The application is posted on the Employment tab on this site, and the directions for submitting it are on the application.  Applicants for gatekeeper and groundskeeper must be 14 by May 26.  Applicants for lifeguard must be 16.  Applications for snack bar employees will be due at a later date.

Construction on the Tom Hoy Competition Pool is still moving right along, in spite of the frigid weather.  An abundance of dry weather in the fall made it so that even though there have been some days recently when not much work could be done, the project is on schedule, and our construction team is a hardy crew.  They have worked on some very cold days.  This will be an exciting summer!

Emails will be coming more and more frequently as we get out of the deep freeze and get ready for spring tennis and the pool season.  Please check with your KRA friends while you're chatting at the bus stop or at a basketball game to make sure everyone is in the loop and getting their emails.  We have just completed the chore of checking the email list against the membership list, but if someone says his or her family did not receive an email, please have that person contact Martha Hodges to fix the problem.  We want to make sure everyone is in the know.

Opening Day is just a little over 4 months away!