"Real Summer" Reminders

Now that all the children are out of school, we have moved into what they call "real summer"  Regular pool hours began on June 16:  Monday - Friday 10:AM-9:PM, Saturday 10:AM-8:PM, Sunday 11:AM-8:PM.  There are some evenings when the pools will close early for special events.  Ladies' Night is June 22, and the pools will close at 7:PM.  July 4 is a holiday, and the pools will close at 7:PM.  We have 3 home swim meets when all the pools will close at 5:PM, and those dates are June 26, July 3, and July 17.

Please remember that on days when the pools are open until 9:PM, all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or adult (age 18 or older) after 5:PM.  Before 5:PM, the age for children to be at Kanawha without a parent is a family decision.  Children must be able to swim a length of the pool with a good stroke, they must know how to reach their parents (even if they use the Kanawha phone at the gate), and they must know how to take care of whatever money they have with them.

Young children who are in any pool and wearing a flotation device must have a parent in the water with them within an arm's length.  This is very important at the slide, in the lap pool, and in the dive well.

Parents of children who do come to the Kanawha on their own, please review this paragraph with your children.  Whenever they arrive at the pool during pool hours, they must sign in at the front gate.  If they come in the back gate, they must go straight to the front gate to sign in before they put their belongings on a table.  If they are parking bikes at the back gate, please put them so that they do not block the gate and so that they are very near the fence.  We have many delivery trucks using that gravel road.  Also, if your children bring a guest to the pool, the guest must be properly registered on the Guest Sign-In, and the $5.00 guest fee must be paid before the children get in the water.  Also, please remember that non-members who live in the Richmond area may come to Kanawha ONE TIME PER WEEK.  We do not count the number of guests a member brings.  You may bring as many guests as you want.  We count the number of visits by the guests who live in our area.  Ginny Guest may not come with Mary Member on Tuesday and then with Mimi Member on Wednesday in the same week.  The reason for this is that there are some non-members who would come to Kanawha frequently, but at $5.00 per visit (even when multiplied by an average family of 4), they are not paying what each of our member families paid.  Also, non-members frequently do not familiarize themselves with our rules.