Reminders for Upcoming Events

On Sunday, April 23, at 1:00, there will be a MANDATORY meeting for parents of all swim team members, returning and new.  If your children will be swimming on the team this summer or are considering swimming on the team, please have a parent attend this meeting.

Our Member Work Day will be Saturday, April 29, starting at 7:AM.  We are aware that Tuckahoe Elementary's Spring Fling is also that day, but with Easter being late this year, our choice of Saturdays was limited.  We will start at 7:00, so hopefully, a member of you family can help us early in the morning before heading to Spring Fling.  We will be cleaning chairs, pulling weeds, spreading mulch, doing some minor repairs to the water cooler holders, repairing a set of steps, and generally sprucing up Kanawha.  We gladly welcome volunteers from Grade 6 to adults.  Middle and high schoolers may earn volunteer hours for school.  Please bring your volunteer forms, and we will sign them. 

Not all of our new members are on our email list yet, so if you have friends and neighbors who are new members, please share this information with them.  Also, please check the web site ( frequently.  At this time of the year, we are updating information every few days.