New Men's 3.5 USTA Tennis Team

To All ~3.5 level men’s tennis players and wives of such players!

We are trying to put together a men’s KRA Weekend 3.5 team for this spring.  We haven’t had one for a while, BUT we are ready to rise again from the ashes and compete against the other local clubs to establish Kanawha dominance!!!  Who’s in!!!???  

We have to register our intent with the league organizers NOW in order to have a MEN’S 3.5 team in the Spring.  

Match play begins April 1 and runs thru early June.  All matches are played on Sundays with matches starting between 8:AM and 7:PM, but the majority are after 12:PM Sundays.  We need some more players who are rated 3.5 or 3.0 players who feel like they can play up.  If you are a tennis-crazy wife and have a tennis playing husband, volunteer him so you can play guilt-free tennis ALL spring!  Ideally we can get 12-14 players to support 2 lines of singles and 3 lines of doubles during this weekend league.

Please contact Chris Gerecke ( / 334-9243) or Bill Shirey ( ) if you are interested or you can volunteer your 3.5 husband to contribute to the cause!

Level-            USTA 3.0/3.5 (Intermediate Level) 

League Dates-    April 1 - June 10th

Match Times-      Generally 12 PM - 5 PM, there may be a very few morning matches

Locations-         Matches will be both “home” at KRA and Away

Format-             Singles & Doubles available

Cost?              $ 45/player paid to the league (yearly USTA Membership required) 

QUESTIONS?     Contact Chris Gerecke ( / 334-9243) 

TO REGISTER    Contact Chris Gerecke ( / 334-9243)