Ready to Open!

Opening Day is almost here.  Swim Team has started, the pools are ready, and the weather has finally become summer-like.  The Opening Party will be Friday night, May 27, from 7:PM to 11:PM.  This party is for adult members only.  The first half of the alphabet should bring a heavy appetizer, and the second half of the alphabet should bring a dessert.  Beer and wine will be provided.  The pools will open at 11:AM on Saturday, May 28.  Free hot dogs will be served from noon to 2:PM.  Please don't bring guests until after 2:PM.  

Your membership number was on the address label on the envelope containing your invitations to the Opening Party and Ladies' Night.  If you no longer have that envelope, ask the gatekeepers to look up your number when you sign in the first time you come to the pool.  Please remember that after the pools open, you must sign in when you enter the pool during pool hours.  If you come for early morning swim or swim team that begins before the opening time that day, you do not need to sign in.  However, children who come in for swim practice during pool hours must sign in at the gate.  

The guest fee has been raised to $5.00 per person this year.  We do not keep money at Kanawha overnight, so if you bring a guest within the first hour of the day, please try to have exact change.  Also, remember that guests who live in the Richmond area may come to Kanawha only one time each week.

Please help us keep Kanawha looking nice.  Please throw away your trash as soon as you are finished with cups, wrappers, plates, etc.  Also, please remember that the blue cans are for recyclables:  empty plastic bottles, empty aluminum cans, dry cardboard boxes (no pizza boxes).  Glass is NEVER allowed in the pool area, and we strongly discourage having glass on the tennis courts during the pool season because barefooted children often go to the courts to chat with their parents.  Bare feet and glass are a terrible combination.  Alcohol is not allowed anywhere at Kanawha whenever the pools are open.

We are looking forward to a fun and safe summer of 2016!