Adult Fitness Opportunities

Once again, we will be offering Early Bird and Masters Swimming at KRA.  Early Bird Swim is for those who want to swim laps on their own in the mornings.  The lap pool will be open on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 5:45 until 8:AM.  Early Bird will begin on June 1, and the last day will be September 2.  THERE WILL NOT BE EARLY BIRD ON JULY 4.  The fee for Early Bird is $20.00 for the summer.  

Masters Swimming is for those who want a coached workout.  There will be 2 coaches on deck from 6:15 to 7:15 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday MORNINGS, and this group will have the use of some of the lanes in the lap pool.  There is a maximum number that can be accepted in the Masters Group,  In order to register, please contact Steve McCoy at, but you will want to do this immediately before all the spots are taken.  Masters Swimming begins on June 20, and the first session ends on July 29.  The fee for this session will be $60.00.  When you contact Steve McCoy, he will explain the registration process.  In order to join the Masters Group, you must be able to swim 1 length of the pool, and the group will be divided by ability.  There will be a lane for the really fast people (former college swimmers) and a lane for those who want to be able to swim more that one length nonstop and 2 lanes for those in between.  If too many people want to join the Masters Group, we will create a waiting list.  If there is sufficient interest, another session will be added from August 1 through September 2, but there will be an additional fee for that.  People who are on the waiting list for the first session will be given priority for the second session.  THERE WILL NOT BE MASTERS SWIM ON JULY 4.