March 21 is Monday, and KRA dues is due then.  If you have already paid your dues, or if you are an honorary member, you can delete this message, but if you haven't paid your dues, please download the Dues Statement from the website (www.krarva.org) and send it with your check so that it is postmarked by Monday.  Otherwise, there will be a $50.00 late fee ($35.00 for senior members who are 60 and over).  You can pay by electronic check, but please send in the Dues Statement, and make sure it is postmarked by Monday.  Please note on the form that an electronic check is on the way.  

If you have decided to resign your membership, please let us know so that we can notify the people on the waiting list of their status.  You can write a note on the dues statement or send an e-mail to:  info@krarva.org.