Preseason Swim Team Clinics

This year's preseason swim team clinics will begin on Sunday, February 28, at the NOVA pool on Gayton Road.  More detailed information and a link to register are on the Swim Team News tab on the KRA website,  There are still plenty of spaces available in the clinic, but you will need to register as soon as possible.  Please spread the word about the clinic among your swim team friends.  If there are swim team members or soon-to-be swim team members in your family, please also register for swim team email blasts.  It may still be winter, but swim team season is right around the corner, and important information will be coming out very soon.  We are hoping that this is the last time we send a swim team-specific email to the entire membership, but the number of families registered for swim team email blasts does not yet represent a majority of swim team families.