The pools may be closed and covered, but there's still lots of activity at Kanawha.

1.   The Annual Meeting is Tuesday, October 18, at 7:30PM, in the Assembly Room, at River Road Church, Baptist.

2.  The weather is still great for tennis, and there are lots of tennis clinics going on.  Check the website (www.krarva) for more information.  Kevin and Del are also available for private lessons.  Del will teach individuals or groups for $36.00/hour.  If a group wants a lesson with Del, the people in the group split that fee.

3.  There are still plenty of trash cans around the facility.  Please keep KRA looking nice by making sure your trash gets into a trash can.  Also, when you leave, please take a minute to be sure you have all of your belongings with you.  We are accumulating a large number of jackets, hats, and water bottles.

4.  If you need to buy a key to the tennis lights or other tennis padlocks or to the bathrooms, please call the KRA office, 288-4421.  If you are the last person out at night, please be sure the covers to the light switches are locked.  Also, please lock the gates at Courts 1, 8, and 9, which are the same padlocks as the lights.  If you are sure you are the last one out at night, you should lock the restrooms if you have a restroom key.  However, if you turn off the restroom lights, please turn off only the lights.  There are 2 switches next to the door in each restroom.  Only the switch closer to the door is a light switch.  The other one is an exhaust fan, and that switch should remain on at all times.  Please do not lock the restrooms during the day.  It is likely that someone will come along after you, and that person might not have a key!