JUNE 14, 4:30-8:45

Join all your friends at KRA to celebrate the beginning of the carefree days of summer. No more homework, no more packing lunches, no more last minute trips to Target for project supplies, though now you have swim meets in the rain and dive meets in the blazing heat. The DJ will start playing at 4:30. Pizzas from Christians will be delivered at 6:00, with a second load coming at 6:30. Pizzas must be ordered by Thursday, June 13. Please go to www.krarva,org. Cheese pizzas are $11.00, and pepperoni pizzas are $13.00. Please remember that if you bring guests, you will need to pay the %5.00 guest fee. Also, remember that alcohol is not allowed when the pools are open.



It’s time to stop packing lunches and checking over homework!!!  Friday June 14, is our annual School’s Out Pizza Party.   Our specially priced pizzas, Cheese for $11 & Pepperoni for $13,  must be ordered online via before Thursday June 13.  They will be delivered from Christian’s at 6 and 6:30 pm.  The DJ will start playing at 4:30, and new this year, we will have our very own sno-cone station.  All guests must pay the $5.00 guest fee. Also, please remember that alcohol is not permitted at Kanawha when the pools are open. Friday, June 14, is our first 10:AM-9:PM pool day.


Ladies Night is Thursday June 20, from 7:PM to 11:PM.  Sign up online or in the back office.  The cost is $15.00, and guests are welcome.  



Our first home swim meet is this Sunday, June 9, at 2:00. Therefore, all the pools will close at 1:00. The swim meet schedule is made by the James River Aquatic Club, and the first one is always on a Sunday afternoon because public schools are still in session. For safety reasons, all the pools must be closed during a swim meet. Our other home swim meets both be on Monday evenings, so this is the only one that interferes with the weekend schedule.

In case you missed them this past weekend, limeades and snow cones have returned to the snack bar. Be sure to check them out on your next visit.

Please remember that alcohol is NOT permitted at Kanawha when the pools are open. Also, please help us keep Kanawha clean by making sure all trash is put in trash cans. Recyclables (empty aluminum cans, empty plastic bottles, and clean cardboard boxes, but no pizza boxes) go in the blue cans. All other trash should be put in the tan/gray cans. Thank you.


Welcome to another Kanawha summer!  Opening Night and Opening Day festivities were a hit. Thanks to our hard working staff and board members making it all happen.   With a new summer brings new ideas and changes.   We are excited to announce a new snack bar vendor.   We have secured Christians Pizza and Tropical Smoothie to run our snack bar.   Please bear with us as we work out the kinks during this transition.   We promise the limeades will be flowing by next weekend and new items will be added to the menu, including some of our favorites that were missing on Saturday.   Let’s have a great summer at Kanawha!


Swim team practice has started for the children, and dive team practice begins on Tuesday, May 28, BUT the children aren’t the only ones who want to stay fit. There are fitness opportunities for the adults, too.


The lap pool will be open all summer long on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings from 6:AM to 8:AM for adults to swim laps. Please note that this will begin on Wednesday, May 29. There is no Early Bird on Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day. Also, there is never Early Bird on Tuesdays, Saturdays, or Sundays. The fee for this is $20.00 for the summer, and you may pay this the first time you come. If you have registered for Masters (see below), you do may start swimming on your own on May 29 without paying another fee. Your Masters fee covers Early Bird mornings through June 14.


Beginning on June 17, there will be coaches on deck from 6:15 until 7:15 for a coached workout. The fee for this is $75.00 for the first session (June 17 - August 2), and you must contact Steve McCoy ( to register. There is a maximum number of people for Masters, and you must be able to swim 2 lengths of the pool. There is no Masters on July 4. There will be an August session for Masters running from August 5 to August 30. For the Early Bird swimmers who do not swim with the Masters group, there will always be lap lanes available from 6:AM-8:AM on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.


Once again we are offering Deep Water Aerobics on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 7:15, in the dive well. This will begin on June 25 and run through August 15, but there will be no class on the evening of July 4.. Missy Mauck will be the instructor for most classes. The fee for KRA members who take deep water aerobics is $60.00, and for non-members it is $80.00. Participants will need to provide their own belt.


The excitement of is ramping up! Swim team practice starts this afternoon. If your children are swimming on the team, please make sure you have registered them on the swim team web site, Mites (8 and under) practice 3:45-4:30, Juniors and older (11 and older) practice 4:45-5:45, and Midgets (9-10) practice 5:45-6:45. Dive practice begins on May 28.

The Opening Night Party will be this Friday night, 7:00-11:00. We will have beer, wine, water, sodas, and a band. Come join your friends and toast another pool season. Please bring an hors d’oeuvre to share. This party is for adult (21 and older) members only, and it is free.

The pools open at 11:AM on Saturday. Free hot dogs will be served from noon to 2:PM on Saturday, so we do ask that if you are bringing guests, please invite them to come after 1:00. If you don’t know or can’t remember your member number, the gatekeepers will have a list at the gate. Please remember to sign in every time you come, even if you are just coming for swim team practice. You do not need to sign in for swim team this week, May 20-24.

The pools will be open 11:AM-7:PM from Saturday, May 25 through Friday, May 31. On June 1, we begin regular weekend hours, Saturdays 10-8 and Sundays 11-8, except on June 9. We have a home swim meet that day, so all pools will close at 1:00. The WEEKDAY hours for May 28 to June 13 are 11:AM-in 7:PM. We will begin regular weekday hours (10:AM-9:PM) on June 14.

The guest fee is $5.00 per person. Please register your guests when you sign in at the front gate. Guests must be registered on the Guest List and must be paid for then. There is no limit to the number of guests you may bring, and there is no limit to the number of visits an out-of-town guest may make. However, there is a limit to the number of visits for local guests. People who live in the Richmond area may come to Kanawha only one time each week. That means that if Grace Guest comes with Millie Member on Wednesday, she may not come back to Kanawha until the following week. She may not come with Maggie Member on the very next day.

Parents of young children, please remember that the bathroom doors are heavy, and most youngsters under the age of 6 cannot open them easily without help. Please go with your children to the bathroom.

The rules are in the front of your directory. The 2019 directories are not yet ready, but we have some 2018 ones left that you may use if you need to review the rules. Here are a few reminders of the ones that are asked about frequently. Non-swimmers are not allowed in the lap pool at all. Children who wear flotation devices must wear the ones that wrap around the body and that make the child float face up. Water wings are not allowed. Belts with the bubble on the back are not allowed. Flotation devices are not allowed in the dive well. Flotation rings are allowed only in the baby pool. Toys are allowed only in the baby pool. Non-swimmers must have a parent within an arm’s reach of them. Children over the age of 5 are not allowed in the baby pool and over the age of 8 are not allowed in the 2-foot area. Lap lanes will be available much of the time, but no one may sit or hang on the lane lines. Lap lanes are for lap swimming only. The availability of lap lanes during swim team practice on school day afternoons will depend on how crowded that swim team practice is.

Please help us keep Kanawha clean. Please throw away your trash as soon as you finish eating. Gray cans are for trash. Blue cans are for recyclables: empty plastic bottles, empty aluminum cans, and clean cardboard boxes (no pizza boxes). Glass is not allowed at Kanawha during the pool season, except for certain events and never in the pool area.

Please remember that if you want to play tennis, you must reserve a court. Go to Click on TENNIS, then click on Court Reservations. You do not need a password for this, but courts must be reserved to be used. You must wear tennis shoes and clothes on the tennis courts. It’s okay to wear bathing suits if you have clothes over them. Do not play tennis in flip flops. Food is only allowed in the tennis shelters. Do not take food onto the courts or the backboard courts.


There is water in the pools, the tennis courts are in use much of the day and evening, the new playground is being enjoyed by kids of all ages - summer must be coming soon! To get ready, there will be a lot going on at KRA this weekend.

Saturday, May 4, is Spring Clean Up Day, from 8:00 until around 3:00, or whenever we finish. It looks like the rain will hold off, so we’ve got lots of chores to do.

On Sunday, May 5, there is a meeting for parents new to swim team at 1:00 in the KRA pavilion. Also, on Sunday, all swim team members may come try on and purchase swim team bathing suits from 1:00 to 4:00.

We have only 3 weeks until the opening. The Opening Night Party is May 24, 7-11, and the pools open May 25, at 11:AM. Free hot dogs will be served to members on May 25, from noon to 2:00.

Sunday, May 5, 1-4, Swim Team Events

Hello KRA families!

We are excited and getting ready for the upcoming swim team summer season!  Are you new to swim team this year? If so, please continue reading for some very important information.

We have a NEW TO SWIM TEAM PARENT INFO MEETING ON SUNDAY, MAY 5 at 1 PM under the KRA pavilion. We strongly suggest that you attend this meeting as we will be providing lots of necessary information to help you navigate through your first season on the swim team.

You will also have an opportunity to try on and purchase swim suits on SUNDAY, MAY 5 from 1-4 PM. Team swim suits are not required, but strongly suggested.

For more details on what to expect this season please go to the swim team website,  

Laura and I are looking forward to another great Firefish season and are very excited about all of our potential new swimmers.  Of course, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out via email to

Go Firefish!

Tracy Collier and Laura Walton
Swim Team Chairpersons

Clean-Up Day Rain or Shine

Saturday, May 4, is Spring Clean-Up Day, even if we get some rain showers. Please do your sun dances. We have lots to do, and we can get much of it done if it rains, though it’s not as much fun. We will not work through thunder and lightning, but we’ll get done what we can if it rains. We are hoping the rain will hold off until after 3:00.

We plan to start working at 8:AM and hope to finish by 3:00. Please come for whatever hours you are available. We welcome adults and youth in grade 6 and older. We will sign community service forms for students who need hours. Non-KRA members who need service hours are invited to help us, too.


Kanawha Spring Clean-up Day will be Saturday, May 4. We will start working at 8:AM and hope to finish by 3:PM. Adults and students in 6th grade and older are invited to come help. You may work for 2 hours, 4 hours, or however long your schedule allows. Middle and high schoolers who need community service hours may use the hours they work for that, and it is okay to bring friends who are not KRA members, if they need service hours. We will sign forms. We have a wide variety of spring clean-up chores. There will be snacks and pizza for lunch.

Come help us spruce up everything and catch up with your Kanawha friends. We hope to see many of you on May 4. If you can bring a wheelbarrow, a pitchfork, or a long-handled hedge trimmer, that would be a big help. Please remember to take it home when you leave.



Please mark your calendars for our annual Work Day on Saturday, May 4. We’ll start at 8:AM, and we hope to finish by 3:00. Coffee and bagels will be provided in the morning, and pizza and drinks will be provided in the middle of the day. All Kanawha members are invited to come help us with spring cleaning to get the facility ready for another fun summer. There will be chores like cleaning the chairs, spreading mulch, wiping down the tennis shelters, trimming some bushes, and some minor repairs. We welcome all helpers, youth in 6th grade and older and adults. Middle and high school students may bring their community service forms, and we will sign for the hours that they work. Students do not need to be members of Kanawha to help us and get community service credit that day. You can come for 2, 3, 4, or however many hours fit into your schedule that day. It’s also a fun time to catch up with some of your Kanawha friends whom you might not have seen this winter. New members, it’s a good chance to meet other members and learn where everything is at Kanawha.

If you can bring a wheelbarrow, a pitchfork, or a long handled hedge trimmer, that would be very helpful. Please mark things with your name, and make sure you take them home when you leave. We hope to see many of you on May 4.

While we’re on the subject of cleaning up, and now that the weather is usually nice enough for people to use the tennis courts, field, and playground, etc., we ask you to please help us keep Kanawha clean. Please take home all of your belongings, and please dispose of your trash and recyclables properly. All trash goes in the tan containers. Recyclables go in the blue containers. Recyclables include empty plastic bottles, empty aluminum cans, dry cardboard boxes, and empty glass bottles, though we do not allow glass at Kanawha. The following things are NOT recyclable: pizza boxes, tennis balls, paper plates (especially with food on them), paper napkins, and the tennis water cups. Also, please be aware that the dumpster at the bottom of the parking lot is for RECYCLABLES ONLY. Please do not put garbage or plastic bags with dog droppings in there. Please put all of that in a tan garbage can. Our garbage is picked up from a different place on the property.



March 29 is just one week away, so please be sure to pay your dues by then. The fee for families is $725.00, and the senior dues (if one person in the household is 60 or older) is $475.00. Please go to the web site,, and click on MEMBERSHIP and then Membership Info to download your DUES STATEMENT. All the directions for paying are on that form, which does need to be mailed to the KRA mailing address: P.O. Box 29656, Henrico, VA. 23242. You may pay your dues online, by electronic check, or by regular check. The link for online payments is on the home page of the web site. Please make sure you have done this by March 29.

Spring tennis activities are already going on, and the pools will be open in just over 2 months. Swim team practice begins on May 20, which is less than 2 months away. For those of you dedicated adult lap swimmers who used the lap pool through the month of September and have been asking if the same arrangement will be available in May, the answer is yes! However, the start date is yet to be determined. The pool has to be drained, cleaned, filled, and balanced first. We are hoping to be ready sometime the week before Mother’s Day, but much of that is dependent on the weather, so you will get more specific information closer to the time.



The damaged backboard on the basketball court in the field has been replaced, so now the entire court is playable. Parents, please remind your children to be respectful of Kanawha property. We would like to be able to make improvements and not have to repair things that are intentionally damaged.

The large playground apparatus that was damaged (due to normal wear and tear because it was around 30 years old) has been removed. A new apparatus has been ordered and should be installed by March 22, depending on the weather. In the meantime, we still have the swing set, the teeter totter, the small basketball court, and a big open area. The new apparatus will have all sorts of fun things to do for a wide age range.

As the weather gets warmer, there are more and more activities happening at Kanawha. Please check the web site ( frequently for updates. Information is being updated and added several times each week at this time of year. Junior tennis clinics begin the week of March 18, and adult tennis clinics will begin soon. Scott Mitchell, our new director of tennis will begin on March 18, and he will be teaching groups and individuals and adding activities to our tennis calendar. Leslie Upson and Del Moser are also available to teach individuals and groups. Del is returning for his 23rd year, and as soon as the weather is warm enough, he will be ready to start.

In addition to tennis clinics, KRA also has several tennis teams for both children and adults. There is information about the teams on the web site. The USTA Men’s 3.0 team, which will play in the spring season (April, May, and June) on Sunday afternoons. Rick Bryner is the captain, and any men who are 3.0 players and are interested in joining that team are asked to contact Rick (

In less than 3 months, the pools will be open. As often as weather permits, the staff will be working to keep the facility clean and get the pools ready for the summer . Please help us by throwing away your trash and not leaving your belongings at Kanawha.


Most of all, please remember to pay your 2019 dues NO LATER THAN MARCH 29. Please go to the web site (, click on MEMBERSHIP, and then click on Membership Info. Download the DUES STATEMENT, and all the information you need is on that. You may pay online, by regular check, or by electronic check. Please remember to mail in your Dues Statement to the mailing address: P.O. Box 29656, Henrico, VA. 23242. 

Damage to Basketball Court

Sometime between February 10 and February 16, one of the backboards on the basketball court in the field at Kanawha was shattered. A rock about the size of a fist was found near the base of the backboard, and there are some small holes in the backboard itself, which appear to be made by the rock. We do not know if someone threw the rock intentionally or if someone thought it would be okay to try to play basketball with a rock, instead of a basketball. The entire backboard was shattered and is being replaced, which is expensive. Until it is replaced, there is a sign telling people which basket they may use, because this is a safety hazard. We encourage people to use the facilities at Kanawha, and we are glad that there are facilities that can be used when the pools are closed. However, this kind of damage is very concerning. We already have a security system in the pool area, but we are considering getting security cameras for other areas of the property. If anyone has any information about how the backboard was damaged, please contact Martha Hodges.

Please remember that KRA dues payments should be made by March 29. The Dues Statement should be downloaded from the Membership Info page on the web site ( You may enclose a check with your Dues Statement, or you may pay by electronic check or pay online. If you pay online, there will be a service charge. Everyone should return their Dues Statement to Kanawha at P.O. Box 29656, Henrico, VA. 23242.



Your 2019 dues payments are due by March 29. This year you may pay online, but there will be a service charge. You may also pay by electronic check or by paper check. Please go to the web site (, and click on MEMBERSHIP, then click on Membership Info, and then find the link for the DUES STATEMENT. Please download the Dues Statement, fill that in, and mail it to the KRA mailing address (P.O. Box 29656, Henrico, VA 23242). If you pay by paper check, please enclose your check with your statement. If you pay online or by electronic check, just send in the statement, and indicate on there how you are paying.

To pay online, go the web site, and click on ONLINE PAYMENTS. You will follow the prompts there to complete your payment.

We ask that everyone please return the first page of the Dues Statement. You need to send in the second page only if your family’s listing in the 2018 directory needs corrections, or if you joined too late to be included in the 2018 directory.

Spring tennis activities begin the week of March 18, and the pools will be open in 2 months. Please make sure your dues are paid so that you will be ready for all the Kanawha activities.


We’ve had some warm weather to get us excited for summer, so now it’s time to pay dues and get ready for another tennis and pool season. Dues payments are due no later than March 29. Please go to the Kanawha web site ( to access the DUES STATEMENT. On the left side of the home page, click on MEMBERSHIP, then click on Membership Information. On that page is the link for the DUES STATEMENT. Please download the statement and mail it to the Kanawha mailing address (KRA, PO Box 29656, Henrico, VA. 23242). Everyone needs to send in the first page. You need to send in the second page only if your family is not listed in the 2018 directory or if your listing needs to be corrected.

This year you have 3 options of methods to pay your dues. You may mail a check with your statement, you may pay by electronic check, or you may pay online. If you choose to pay online, please be aware that there will be a service charge. In order to pay online, please click on ONLINE PAYMENTS on the left side of the home page of Please be sure to indicate on your Dues Statement which method of payment you are using.

Dues fees this year are the same as they have been for the past few years. The fee for each family is $725.00. If you qualify for senior dues, meaning one person in the household is 60 or older, the fee is $475.00. If you are already an honorary member, please send in the Dues Statement and make a note on it that you are already an honorary member. If you believe you now qualify for honorary member status, please contact Deborah Proffitt at

More than a few days of tennis weather will be here very soon, and the pool will be opening in a mere 15 weeks!



There may be snow on the ground, but summer will be here before we know it. For anyone who wants to apply for a job at KRA as either a lifeguard, gatekeeper, or groundskeeper, those applications are DUE ON FEBRUARY 1. You may go to the KRA web site,, and click on ABOUT US, then click on EMPLOYMENT to find the information about these 3 positions and to download the application. There are directions on the application for submitting it. We are looking forward to another fun and safe summer at Kanawha.

Adult Tennis Opportunity - World Team Tennis

Below is some information about World Team Tennis. It was just sent to us, but it is taking place very soon. There are some opening.

2018 Winter Kickoff Event!

3.0 & 3.5 Divisions ~ November 30 - December 2

4.0 & 4.5 Divisions ~ December 14 - 16

Every level will have a maximums of 4 teams, each playing 3 matches.


World TeamTennis rounds consist of 6 sets, which includes Men’s & Women’s Doubles, Singles, and two lines of Mixed Doubles, with an overtime period if necessary.


Draws & Start times will be published November 27 and December 11, respectively.


VCU (3.0 & 3.5 Divisions) ~ ACAC (4.0 & 4.5 Divisions)

Cost Per Person:

$40 includes 3 Matches, Music, Party Food & Drinks on Saturday night, and an award for the winning team of each division.

Winning teams are also eligible to compete in Natioinal Qualifiers.

To register, please contact Rob Johnston at or call 804-240- 5382.