Guidelines for Use of Kanawha Recreation Association (“KRA”) Field

The KRA field is available for use by members of the community subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Requests for daily or weekly use throughout a sports season must be made in writing or by e-mail to Tom Hoy or Martha Hodges.
    A statement of insurance coverage for the team must accompany the request.
  2. Requests for one-time usage (e.g.:  a birthday party where the children will play games in the field) may be made by phone either to the Kanawha office (804-288-4421) during the pool season or to Tom (804-708-0830) or Martha (804-241-2974) at home in the off-season.
  3. Under no circumstances may the tennis courts or other areas of KRA be used for conditioning or other activities.
  4. If a ball goes over the fence and into the pool area, no one may climb the fence to retrieve it.  Please contact Tom or Martha to let you in to retrieve balls.
  5. All trash must be picked up at the end of each practice.  There is a garbage can in the field for this purpose.
  6. In case of inclement weather, these rules must be followed:
  • If it is raining at the time of your practice, the field is closed.
  • If the team using the field is a school team or club (i.e.:  Rebels Lacrosse), and the fields at the school are not playable so that other sport teams at that school must make alternate plans, then the Kanawha field is also closed.
  • If the team using the field is belongs to a league (i.e.:  Strikers Soccer, Western Wildcats Football), please call the Henrico County Sports Hotline (804-501-5132).  The Kanawha field is not part of Henrico County Recreation & Parks, but you will use their information as your guideline.  If other fields in the nearby area are closed, then the Kanawha field is closed.  Nearby fields include:  Pemberton, Short Pump, Byrd, Deep Run Park, Crestview.  If the Hotline mentions some or all of these fields as being closed or states that all county fields are closed, then the Kanawha field is closed.

Users of the field are encouraged to participate in Kanawha’s annual work day in May of each year. 


Reservations for Pavilion Use

  • Pool hours will not be extended for any private gathering.
  • Outside groups larger than 10 must get approval from the Pool Manager to use the pool facilities.  Outside groups must be accompanied by a member.
  • Group usage of the pool will be limited at the discretion of the Pool Manager and the Board of Directors.
  • Members are allowed to reserve the picnic shelter. You should check to see if it is available  before planning a function since there are a lot of requests. All guests are subject to a $5.00 guest fee during the pool season. 
  • Community groups may use the picnic shelter if they are sponsored by a KRA member during the offseason (fall and spring).
  • Reservations for the picnic shelter are made on a first-come, first-served basis.  During the pool season, please call the pool office (804-288-4421).  In the off-season, please contact Martha Hodges at  There is not a fee for KRA members if the shelter is used during pool hours.  Guest fees apply to all non-members who swim or play tennis during the pool season.  For evening parties held after pool hours or during the off-season that include alcohol or music (e. g.: live band, beer truck), there is a $200. 00 fee, payable to Kanawha, plus the group is expected to pay a manager $20.00 per hour for his/her assistance during the party.  For parties held during the off season that do not involve alcohol or music, the fee is $50. plus the $20 per hour to a manager.
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