What’s a really effective, inexpensive way to improve your tennis game? KRA’s ball machine!

ATTENTION ALL BALL MACHINE MEMBERS:  For those of you who already have a key, it is renewal time, so you will need to contact Martha Hodges and pay the renewal fee of $25.00.  Anyone who wants to get a key for the first time will also need to contact Martha Hodges.  You will need a 10-minute training session, and you will also need to pay the $25.00 fee.  We are setting the fee at $25.00 per family per year, whether it's your first year or a renewal.

Surprisingly versatile and easy to use, KRA’s ball machine can improve your consistency, backhands, forehands, volleys and even overheads at any level of play. It can shoot balls fast or slow, high or low, with topspin, flat, or with a mean slice. It can direct balls to your forehand or backhand, or alternate. It’s great for practicing volleys, too. And it’s available daytime or evenings.


(The only thing it doesn’t do is keep score – which is a good thing!)

As of April 11, 2018, the fee for the ball machine is $25.00 per family per year., whether it is your first year using it or you are renewing your ball machine membership.  Membership runs April to April, so that’s less than $4.25/month for the whole family. And all the balls are included. Just bring yourself and your racket.

It takes less than 10 minutes to sign up and see how the machine works. Simply call the KRA office at 288-4421, or contact Martha Hodges.