Welcome to Kanawha Recreation Association!

IMPORTANT REMINDER:  ALL POOLS WILL CLOSE AT 5:PM ON MONDAY, JUNE 18 FOR A HOME SWIM MEET.  We apologize for the short day, but the swim meet schedule is set by the James River Aquatic Club.  For safety reasons, all pools must be closed during swim meets.

The SCHOOL'S OUT PARTY is Friday, June 15.  The DJ will start playing at 4:30, Kona Ice will arrive around 5:00, and pre-ordered pizzas will arrive around 6:00.  You must pre-order your pizza on www.krarva.org by Thursday, June 14.  Guests are allowed, but remember the guest fee is $5.00 per guest.  Please remember that glass is never allowed at Kanawha, and alcohol is not permitted when the pools are open.  The pools close at 9:PM on June 15.

LADIES' NIGHT is Thursday, June 21, and 7:PM.   The deadline to register is Tuesday, June 19, at NOON.  The cost is $15.00 per person, and guests are welcome.  There will be shopping and a DJ, in addition to a catered dinner.

The pools are now open.  Please remember that until the last day of public school, June 15, we are operating on reduced hours on the weekdays.  The hours on Monday through Friday, from May 28 through June 14, will be 11:AM until 7:PM.  Our first 10:AM-9:PM weekday is Friday, June 15.  We will begin regular weekend hours on June 2.  Saturday hours are 10:AM to 8:PM, and Sunday hours are 11:AM to 8:PM.

Invitations to the Opening Night Party and to Ladies Night were mailed in early May.  If you did not receive one, please send an email to info@krarva.org with your name and correct mailing address.

We will continue to send emails through the summer to announce special events and programs at Kanawha.  Please check for emails from KRA News frequently.

The deadline for paying dues on time has passed.  If you forgot to pay your dues, you may still pay, but please do so ASAP.  Also, you will now need to add the $50.00 late fee.  Please download the Dues Statement and follow the directions on it for submitting your payment.  We need all members to pay ASAP so that we can get started on the 2018 directory.  If you have decided not to renew your membership, please notify us by contacting the bookkeeper (info@krarva.org) ASAP.

Memberships are available for 2018.   You can download the application from the Membership page.


If your email has changed recently, please contact Martha Hodges to update it.  Emails will be coming more and more frequently as we get closer to Memorial Day.

We are finalizing the information for the 2018 directory.  We will announce when they will be available for pick-up from the gate.

There is basic information for the swim team on this web site, but there is more detailed information on www.kraswimteam.com.  There is also information about swim lessons on that sight.  Also, you will need to register for swim team on www.kraswimteam.com.  Dive team registration is on the Dive Team page on this web site.  Swim team information for 2018 will be updated over the winter on the swim team web site.

If you have an @verizon.net email address that you will no longer be using when it is phased out, please make sure you give us your new email address as soon as possible.  You can send it directly to martha.b.hodges@gmail.com.

If you are using the internet at Kanawha, please use the Kanawha-Guest network.  The password is the same one we have used for years.

You will be receiving emails from KRA more frequently.   Please make sure your email inbox is set to receive messages from KRA News.  The subject line will always read Posts from KRA NEWS.  If these messages are not appearing in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folders.  If you are still not receiving them, please make sure you have registered to receive the emails or contact Martha Hodges.  

We are a neighborhood recreation facility located in Western Henrico County, Virginia.  Kanawha is an association of 550 member families with 4 swimming pools, 9 hard surface tennis courts, 2 backboard courts, a playground, a field, and a picnic pavilion.  We have competitive swim and dive teams for children in the summer and competitive tennis teams for all ages throughout the year.  Swimming lessons are offered in the summer, and tennis lessons are offered from March through November.  On this site you should find information about our many activities, membership opportunities, and employment opportunities.  If you have more questions, please contact us.

Information about special events will be coming out frequently.  Please check the website often.  Also, if you receive at email from KRA News, and the subject line reads "Posts from KRA NEWS - Kanawha Recreation Association for (that day's date)" that is an email that you subscribed for, and we are using those to sent out important information.  Unfortunately, we cannot change how the subject lines reads, so please know that a Post from KRA NEWS is important.  Also, please remember that anyone under the age of 14 must have a parent or adult (age 18 or older) at the pool with them after 5:PM on weekdays.

Help KRA be BEE-Free

Please remember to pick up all spills, especially of sweetened drinks, candy, ice cream, sweets. The sugar attracts yellow jackets who promptly return to their hive to announce their find. They dance out a road map for their hive-mates (we’re not making this up), and before you know it, KRA is swarming with bees. You can help by picking up after yourselves.