Welcome to Kanawha Recreation Association

ANNUAL MEETING:  Tuesday, October 18, 7:30PM, at River Road Church, Baptist (Assembly Room)

We are a neighborhood recreation facility located in Western Henrico County, Virginia.  Kanawha is an association of 550 member families with 4 swimming pools, 9 hard surface tennis courts, 2 backboard courts, a playground, a field, and a picnic pavilion.  We have competitive swim and dive teams for children in the summer and competitive tennis teams for all ages throughout the year.  Swimming lessons are offered in the summer, and tennis lessons are offered from March through November.  On this site you should find information about our many activities, membership opportunities, and employment opportunities.  If you have more questions, please contact us.

The pools are now closed after the 2016 season.  We hope you had a fun summer.  There are a lot of tennis activities at KRA during the school year, along with other exciting happenings.  Check the web site frequently, and be on the lookout for email with exciting information, and plan to attend the Annual Meeting, to be held on October 18, at 7:30PM, in the Assembly Room at River Road Church, Baptist.  The Assembly Room is very near the parking lot.  If you go in the door off of the parking lot, walk through the entry area, and turn right.  The Assembly Room will be on your right.  If you have any questions, the answering machine in the office (288-4421) is checked several times a week, and a staff person is at Kanawha most weekdays until 2:00.  If you need a key to the tennis lights, please contact the office.

Information about special events will be coming out frequently.  Please check the website often.  Also, if you receive at email from KRA News, and the subject line reads "Posts from KRA NEWS - Kanawha Recreation Association for (that day's date)" that is an email that you subscribed for, and we are using those to sent out important information.  Unfortunately, we cannot change how the subject lines reads, so please know that a Post from KRA NEWS is important.  Also, please remember that anyone under the age of 14 must have a parent or adult (age 18 or older) at the pool with them after 5:PM on weekdays.

Help KRA be BEE-Free

Please remember to pick up all spills, especially of sweetened drinks, candy, ice cream, sweets. The sugar attracts yellow jackets who promptly return to their hive to announce their find. They dance out a road map for their hive-mates (we’re not making this up), and before you know it, KRA is swarming with bees. You can help by picking up after yourselves.